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Looking After You Is Enough

Welcome to Lincoln Counselling Centre and our first official blog!

What a way to start. We find ourselves in a very testing time and all things ‘coronavirus’ will not be adding to our mental health in a positive way at all

There are many ways that we can help ourselves when life becomes difficult and counselling is certainly one of them. Talking to one of our professional therapists is just as accessible as we offer online counselling as well as face to face therapy. We have taken every precaution advised and we are adhering to all the government guidelines on cleanliness and sanitisation. Please just ask if there is anything you want clarifying. We are still open and here to help.

My name is Kelly and I am a counsellor here at Lincoln Counselling Centre. I thought it was important to come on and say hi and to reassure you that its ok to just look after yourselves.

I have had my struggles with self-worth over the years and it is still very much something that I am working on. The confident woman that I want to portray can sometimes be side swiped by thoughts of ‘I should be doing more’ and these are not healthy for me or my family.

My husband is in the RAF and he is also currently deployed overseas until August 2020, so it’s all on me, my family need me to manage. I understand how difficult it is to be in a military family, I have been doing this for over 20 years. If there were medals for spouses, I’d like to think I would get one…. It would be great to meet the Queen too!

Life has these funny ways of testing us and right now this is a big one, we will be ok, we will get through this.

Please do not feel pressured or guilty about your 'role' in your community.

In these uncertain times we see a lot of social updates about what people are saying they can do for their communities. This is great, very generous and is very much needed. We need to pull together in times of difficulty.

However, not everyone is in the position to offer themselves up like this. Some of us have to keep ourselves mentally safe by doing only what is need for our immediate families or just ourselves only.

It can be very overwhelming to feel you're not doing enough and when guilt starts to set in lots of other feelings can come up too. Self-worth, self-doubt, panic and depression about “what I am doing to help" is damaging, especially when we face long periods of staying home.

It's an uncertain time, if you can only look after yourself, then that is enough 💙💚

Please get in touch if you want someone to talk to, we are here to support your mental wellbeing.

Stay safe,



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