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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I start with a counsellor?
    Take a look at our Team page, here you can read about each counsellor, then send us a message through our contact page where you can tell us if you have a preferred counsellor.
  • How much does counselling cost.
    All of our counsellors are self employed so set their own rates which are stated on their profiles. Charges start at £45 per session.
  • Is counselling confidential?
    Yes, your sessions with your counsellor are confidential and your counsellor is bound by an ethical code to keep your discussions private. Counsellors are required to have a supervision meeting every month, this is to ensure they are providing the very best level of assistance to their clients. Your counsellor may discuss some of the things you have brought to your session in order assist them but the counsellor will never disclose your identity. Supervisor's themselves are also bound by confidentiality.
  • What if I don't get on with my chosen counsellor?
    It is important that both you and your counsellor can form a relationship that will enable therapy to be effective, if you decide that the counsellor is not for you then that's ok. Please discuss this with them, your counsellor is there to help you and may be able to recommend another therapist for you.
  • How long should I have counselling for?
    That depends on each individual and your unique circumstances, we would recommend at least six sessions followed by a review with your counsellor. Please keep in mind that when therapy starts, issues could arise that you may want to explore further, so it is not possible to give an exact answer, we are all different. It is also possible that you may see an improvement faster than expected so please be open minded about this.
  • Will my counsellor be qualified?
    Yes, your counsellor will be qualified, insured and a member of a professional governing body. Each counsellors profile will state which professional body they belong to.
  • Why do I need weekly sessions?
    Weekly sessions are more beneficial and assist you in seeing results with gradual, steady progress.
  • Do I need a GP referral?
    You are free to book in at anytime, a GP referral is not required.
  • Why do I have to pay for missed or cancelled sessions.
    Your counsellor allocates time from their schedule for you to see them, they also reserve and pay for a room for you to meet. Each counsellor has a cancellation policy that they will make you aware of at your first meeting, full payment will be required if you cancel outside of those terms. Counsellors are self employed, therefore a cancellation fee is only fair and considerate to them.
  • Can a counsellor prescribe medication?
    No, you would need to speak to your GP.
  • Will my counsellor be available for an emergency?
    Your counsellor is only available to you during your scheduled appointment times, they do not offer an out of hours or crisis support. If you need help immediately, please contact your GP, 111 or in an immediate emergency call 999. The Samaritans offer talking support on 116 123 or visit or email You can text SHOUT to 85258 (24hrs) Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust - for urgent mental health assistance 0800 001 4331 (24hrs) Children and Young People - Here4You - call 01522 309120 (24hrs)
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