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Lincoln Counselling Centre at Waterside Shopping Centre

Lincoln Counselling Centre at Waterside

We were at Waterside Shopping Centre in Lincoln on Saturday 27th January to help promote the mental health services we offer.


About 7 of our counsellors where present throughout day so people could put faces to names and ask us any questions they may have about counselling.


We were pleased at how busy it was and how many people came to chat with us.


Our promotional bag had information on the centre and counsellors with a stress ball and a couple of counselling tools, one on how to journal and the other a grounding technique.


We took the opportunity to explain how we are all individual self-employed counsellors but work under the name Lincoln Counselling Centre.


One counsellor may have their business name as Next Step Counselling

Or Ocean Waves Counselling or Men Matter etc  however we all work as a team.


As a team we can support children from age 11 yrs. to 17 yrs. and adults 18yrs and above. Couples counselling, Grief, Anxiety, Trauma, Abuse, and much more.


It’s good to get talking so please get in touch through our contact us page if you would like to know more about any of our counsellors or ask any questions.



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