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Blue Monday

As I start to write this it is coming up to Blue Monday, and it got me thinking how did “Blue Monday come about.


I went to good old Google and found out that it was thought up to help market a travel company.


In an article by the Independent, Sky travel In 2004 contacted psychologist Cliff Arnall. Who came up with a formula for the best day of the year for people to book a holiday, that gave him the third Monday in January as a day where people feel at their lowest, with Christmas being over, New Year’s resolutions are fading fast, cloudy dull day, financial issues, and short daylight hours.


 The conclusion from the formula was that we will be feeling depressed on this Monday and booking a holiday will life that depression. Over time more and more people came to believe this third Monday in January really is/was the worse day of the year for feeling depressed. More companies added it to their marketing campaigns and then we had it “Blue Monday”.


I also have found articles on Google refuting That Blue Monday is the most depressing day of the year.


The Mental health charity Mind has an article.

“Busting the blue Monday myth with blues any day”.


This article is helping to dispel the myth that the third Monday in January is most depressing day, they go on to say:


“Blue Monday contributes to damaging misconceptions about depression and trivialises an illness that can be life threatening.”


Some common symptoms of depression are:

Inability to sleep.

Thoughts of no point in the future.

Feeling disconnected from other people

Experiencing suicidal thoughts

Feelings of worthlessness

These symptoms can be experienced at any time of the year not just on one day.


I have found no evidence and the Mind article agrees that there is no evidence to suggest that one day in particular can increase the risk of people feeling depressed.


Depression is not just a one-day event.


If you are concerned about yourself, that the symptoms of depression mention earlier resonate with you please get in touch.


We have counsellors with availability who can help you.


 By Anne Walker






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