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Rachel Roberts
Individuals and Couples Counselling

Counsellor - MNCPS (Accred)

I am an experienced counsellor, and I can help support individuals and couples who might be dealing with an affair, betrayal, conflict, stress and communication problems that can affect your relationship.

Couples counselling can help in many ways that some couples wouldn’t think is possible and I have found that as the both of you work through the issues you are experiencing, your relationship to each other can make you realise different aspects about each other that you hadn’t previously recognised. It can also support your relationship to achieve a heightened sense of connection and understanding of each other.

As your counsellor I will empower you and be that mediator in your relationship to uncover any adversities, identify strengths and help you both navigate any challenges with new tools and techniques and, to progress to a new perspective in your relationship to support you both in moving forward. I truly believe that taking this action and this change can allow you both to improve of your understanding of each other, allow each other a voice in the relationship and to better communicate with each other effectively and equally – enabling you both to a happier and healthier relationship.

Below are some of the other areas in which I can support and help a couple/individual understand:

·       Communication

·       Understanding destructive patterns

·       Divorce and/or separation

·       Relationship conflicts – increase in frequent or intensity of conflicts

·       Understanding your ‘love language’

·       Decline in your physical intimacy

·       Heal from previous relationship wounds

·       Resentments with the relationship

·       Relationship check-ins

·       Engagements

I respect that seeking a counsellor to support your relationship can feel quite daunting and intrusive, and therefore finding the right counsellor for you is vital. That being the case, I do offer a free introductory video call, which will allow you to make the choice of how you would like to move forward.

A relationship problem and/or crisis doesn’t always mean the end. It can, with the appropriate support, open a new understanding and a better way of being together. With this in mind, I am an integrative counsellor, and I will draw on different methods and theories, (Person Centred, Humanistic, Attachment Style and Love Language) which will be based on what will support you best.  I am honest, empathic, genuine, and responsive to your time in your journey and the sessions we have.

I am a qualified counsellor and a member of the National Counselling Society.

Sessions for couples are £65 per hour, with an addition of £5 for every 15 minutes after the hour session.

Sessions for individuals are £45 per session.




01522 444024

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