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Anne Walker
Ocean Waves Counselling

Counsellor - MNCPS (Accred)

Any of the following sound familiar?

Negative thoughts,

Feelings of not being good enough,

Life feelings overwhelming,

Feeling a little lost after the end of a relationship,

Feeling lonely,

Do you say “Yes” to everything but still feel guilty, worried, and low?

Just not sure where you are in your life right now.

Trying to be “okay” can be tough.

Counselling can help you.

Clients have told me at the end of their counselling journey;

“Counselling has released my negative thoughts - they do not get stuck anymore.

“I get more positive thoughts now which has really help me.”

“I feel I’ve got my life back.”

“I have worked on things I did not know I was holding on to and now feel lighter, freer than before.”

“Life is more fun”

“I’ve realised what I’m feeling is normal.”

“When it comes to grief there is no one way to grieve it is individual to each person.”

“I have more patience now.”

“I have conversations with people I thought I’d never dare talk to.”


 Would you like to change the way you feel?


 Give you self-permission to self-care,


To be able to say to yourself,


I matter,


I can be my own person,


I am enough.


My retail experience and working in care have brought me in to contact with people from all walks of life.


I gained knowledge while in the care environment which incudes, end-of-life issues, caring responsibilities, bereavement.


And raising a family has given me an understanding of how family life can be challenging, and guilt or anxiety can affect any member of the family parent or children.


I have experience of my husband being away while in the RAF which gave me an insight to how loneliness can feel.


Having dyslexia, I can understand how that can affect some people, and also supporting children that are also dyslexic.

Would you like to change the way you feel?


The first step can be the hardest but can also be rewarding or even life changing.


Or if you feel ready, I can book you in to start your journey me


Get in touch and book an appointment today.

My Fees are £60 per session.


Member of National Counselling Society.


01522 444024

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