Bereavement Grief and Loss

Grief and loss can affect us in many different ways, many of you may have heard that there are various stages of grief such as denial, anger, bargaining and acceptance and this is one of the accepted theories still used today.


What many people don’t understand is that not everyone will experience every stage and that the stages of grief have no set order.


Looking at it this way you can see that we all experience grief in different ways, there is no particular way that we have to act.

We all take different amounts of time to come to terms with our loss, and it's not about getting over a loss, we learn to adjust our lives and carry on.


Sometimes it is possible for someone to grieve for many years, to get ‘stuck’ and need help to move forward with their lives.


Here at the Lincoln Counselling Centre, we have experienced professionals who can be with you and listen to your story; we can help you to find your way to move forward.


Feeling sad about losing anything is ok, it’s a reasonable human reaction and does not just apply to the death of a loved one.


You could feel grief and loss for any of the following:


Losing you Job or retirement.


Moving house and having to leave something valuable behind.


The break up of a relationship.


Losing a favourite object.


When you think about it, we form attachments to so many things in life, losing any one of them could cause us to experience some form of grief.


The counsellors at Lincoln Counselling Centre understand and have experience in helping with many types of loss, making the important decision to seek counselling is the first step towards a better life.





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