I am a qualified accredited Counsellor with the National Counselling Society. 


I have experience working with adults and adolescents (11–18 years) who have had issues with depression, anxiety, bereavement and loss or loneliness.


I know that people can experience feelings of confusion, sadness, and loneliness having lost a loved one (human or animal) you can feel there is no purpose to your life.

Anxiety and depression can lead to people experiencing multiple feelings, such as being scared, tired, feeling like a failure or losing the desire to be useful. It’s wanting to be with people you know, like close friends, but at the same time not really wanting to be social. It can be wanting to be on your own, yet feel isolated, lost and unsupported. Anxiety and depression can cause an overwhelming flood of emotions that can stop you in your tracks and I understand this.


Sometimes people get stuck with something that has happen in the past and need help in letting it go. Those negative thoughts that say ‘you’re not good enough.’ 


I can help you to silence these thoughts. You are good enough!

I know it can be hard to ask for help and take that first step.


When you’re ready I am here to listen. Counselling is your own personal journey where I walk alongside helping you to move forward with your life


If you are not ready to take that first step just now, why not try this one exercise: 



Breathe in through your nose for the count of 6

Hold for count of 5

Breathe out right down to the bottom of your belly to the count of 7

Do this 3 times one after another.



When you wake up

Once in the day

When you go to bed

If you do nothing else today, you have breathed and that’s a good thing.

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